Memphis Shelby SF

2017 MSSF Fall

The 2017 Fall MSSF Online Registration is NOW open.



Team Registration DEADLINE:

U9-U13: JUNE 17TH

U14-U19: JULY 3RD

Initial Brackets prepared and approved by DOC’S NLT June 20th (U9-U13), and July 6th (U14-U19)

Bracketing completed for schedule preparation NLT June 22nd and July 8th, 2017

Schedule completed with field numbers for referee assigning: August 7, 2017

League Fee payments and document verification at MRSC:  August 8, 2017 (6-7pm).

Start of Season: August 21, 2017

Last Day of Season: TBD


Private Schools – Oct 4-8, 2017

Memphis City and Shelby County Schools - Oct 9-13, 2017




  1. PERFORMANCE BOND:  All individual teams MUST pay a performance bond of $150 per team for U11's and above, and $100 per team for U8, U9, and U10 teams.  Please send your Teams bonds immediately to the following address:  MSSF, 1722 Bryn Mawr Circle, Germantown, TN 38138.  Please contact John Snyder directly if you have any questions regarding bonds.

  2. MSSF LEAGUE FEE:  $10 per player.  This can be paid as a team, and should be handed in on the documentation verification evening.

  3. MRSC FIELD FEE: $102 per player ($111.44 per player without tax exempt status).  Why is the fee different from the Spring? You play more games in the Fall League than the Spring League.

  4. RESCHEDULING FEE: $50 per team per game.  Coaches and/or Managers must contact the League President: John Snyder for approval of reschedules.

Please bring the following documents and fees on August 8th to MRSC (6-7pm):

  1. One (1) copy of your up-to-date approved TS roster or US Club roster with jersey number by the player’s name.

  2. Player cards (laminated).

  3. A copy of each player’s birth certificate.

  4. A copy of each player’s medical release form.

  5. The sheet that team staff and parents have signed stating they will abide by the MSSF “Rules of Competition” (under "contents" on the MSSF page).

  6. MSSF League Fee - $10 per player (checks made payable to "Memphis Shelby Soccer Federation").

  7. MRSC Field Fee - $102 or $111.44 (without tax exemption) per player (checks made payable to "OS Memphis" or "Mike Rose Soccer Complex"). 

League President:  John Snyder (901) 262 3980 Email:

League Scheduler: Simon Lacon (901) 849 5648 Email: or


Coaches/Managers: How to Login into your team page:

  1. On this page click on "Teams" in the right-hand side menu "Resources".

  2. Find your team and click on it.

  3. Click on TEAM LOG IN (top right-hand corner).

  4. If you already know your pin # then enter your email address and pin # now.  Otherwise, request your pin # from the system by clicking on the Click Here link underneath the team log in section (Please note you will only be able to receive a pin # for your team if you are listed as the team contact for the team in the system).

  5. Check your email once it acknowledges that it sent the pin #.  Then go back to your team page and login.

  6. Once you are logged in you can modify your team page.

Memphis Shelby Soccer Federation

All coaches should have an assistant, especially if you coach two teams as we cannot eliminate all coach conflicts. 

Don’t forget per MSSF rules to have your player passes at all games.



Match Start Times - Full sided matches (11vs11) will start at either 6:00 pm or 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm or 7:45 pm. Small sided matches will be scheduled to start at 6:00 pm and 7:05 pm or 7:15 pm.  The fields at Mike Rose Soccer Complex are scheduled for matches, not team practice sessions prior to your game. Time prior to the matches should be used for warm-up and match preparation, not practice. The earliest any team should be on the Mike Rose Soccer Complex fields is 30 minutes before the scheduled match start time.  All 2nd games of the evening may start as soon as teams and referees are ready.  
Cancellations, Reschedules and Requests - No games may be canceled by coaches or teams.  Coaches and teams may request cancellations and/or reschedules through the MSSF League President.  The Mike Rose Soccer Complex  and the league referees may cancel games due to weather and/or unsafe conditions.  

When a game is rescheduled an automatically generated email is sent to the contact listed on the team page within the MSSF website. If the team page is not set up properly, the team will NOT receive notification.   The rescheduled matches will also be posted on the MRSC website. Team managers are responsible for checking the MRSC website for rescheduled matches.
During the last three weeks of the season, matches requiring rescheduling will be done based on field availability and may not be consistent with team preferences as noted on their Registration Form. 
State League Matches – Teams desiring to use a scheduled MSSF match as a State League must notify the League President to facilitate the assigned referee crew.

No Standings are kept