Match Reports
  • Main Information Source For Individual Contests:

    • Participating team information
    • Date, time and location
    • Pre- and Post- Match Reports

  • Pre-Match Report:

    • Printer-Friendly "Game Day" copy for teams and/or referees determines all players' eligibility status (if League requires player passes/IDs)
    • League may indicate ahead of time which players are deemed ineligible for either single or multiple games
    • Schedule/determine Match Officials

  • Post-Match Report

    • Player, Referee, and Field names may link to their respective pages for more information
    • Goal/Assist scorers and game time
    • Disciplinary Tracking
    • Ineligible Player Reporting
    • Override player positions & jersey numbers from default rosters
    • Game Recap may be entered by Teams, Referee(s), or League Administrators
    • Box scores may include 1st & 2nd half plus final score


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